Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

Medium:     collage    magazine scraps   

Year:     2015   

Size:     18"x24"   

Availability:     card option    original gifted    print option   

Thoughts:   Leslie Elaine says: I felt like making a new collage and wanted to do something Evan would like. I thought to do a tiger. I worked on it slowly over the course of 2 years - starting with the green background and eventually finishing with the details and words in the face. I chose many colors from magazines and calendars - including calendar photos of red rocks in Utah that worked well for the tiger's fur. To do the fur around his face, I used white paper and even dictionary paper! Can you see the word tiger? and "fur with stripes" in the fur of the face? I cut card stock to do the whiskers! :) I started this tiger for Evan before he chose Clemson, so it was really cool when I realized I had made him his school mascot without knowing it! Go Tigers!

Mom says: some people say the stripes on the right look like fire. That works well with the title!