Medium:     collage    magazine scraps   

Year:     2008(age 15)   

Size:     13.5"x18"   

Availability:     card option    original gifted    print option   

Thoughts:   Leslie Elaine says: this lion was a surprise Christmas present for my mom in 2008. I worked on it at night and hid it in my closet. When Christmas came I wrapped it in our nicest wrapping paper. My mom opened it slowly in order to save the expensive paper, but when she saw the picture she was so excited that she forgot about carefully untaping the edges and ripped all the rest of the paper. Mom says: Stare into those eyes for a minute.... they are amazing - penetrating but compassionate. I was SO surprised by this collage because Leslie PLANNED it and HID it and FINISHED it. I just couldn't believe that each night she remembered to put it away where I wouldn't see it; I wander into her room a lot! I was also surprised by all the details that prove her patience. Examine the whiskers and all the pieces that make up the mane and face. Wow! And at 15 years old!