Medium:     acrylic    black ghesso    gold leaf paper   

Year:     2009(age 16)   

Size:     22"x28"   

Availability:     original available   

Thoughts:   Leslie Elaine says: this was my favorite project at CPFA (the center for performing and fine arts, part of PA Leadership Charter school.)  All the teacher said was, "Make a poster."  I'd had an image in my head of flaming white roses and got started right away. I covered my poster in black ghesso and then made acrylic flames and flowers. Then I got the idea for the book, because the piece was top heavy and needed a foundation. So I painted that next, using gold-leaf paper for the side. Then I added the word GRACE in gold-leaf on the book's spine. At first I'd chosen the word love, but since love means so many things in English I went with grace instead. (If we had an English word like the Greek word Agape I'd have chosen that.)  Around the book it says, "And this is how we know what love is. While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." this picture is about the gospel - God's good news! The book represents the Bible and God's words, the fire is the Holy Spirit, and the white roses are purity.

Gold frame, ready to hang. $900