Umbrella Abstract

Medium:     acrylic   

Year:     2009(age 16)   

Size:     8.5"x11"   

Availability:     original sold    print option   

Thoughts:   Leslie Elaine says: I had been using a piece of paper as my paint palette, and I had a significant puddle of paint left when I'd finished my project. I took my brush and moved the paint around. The black in the middle reminded me of an umbrella and the colors reminded me of lights, so I chose to make a person in a rainy city. I made vertical lines to look like rain out of the extra white. I defined the umbrella and the person, then added splatters of rain on the pavement. Mom says: Leslie made this "palette painting" in under 5 minutes. I so clearly see a woman with long red hair carrying the umbrella, but I realize you may see something entirely different.