Medium:     collage    magazine scraps   

Year:     2014   

Size:     16"x20"   

Availability:     original retained by artist    print option   

Thoughts:   Leslie Elaine says: this collage took FOREVER because my mom kept insisting it wasn't finished. It started out as an abstract of blue cut outs on paper. A year later I realized it looked like water, so I glued it onto a piece of cardboard which became the foundation for this collage. I had fun choosing the coral - most of them came from calendars and garden magazines. Every time I thought I was done my mom said it wasn't done because it had no focus. I added more of everything over time - more coral, more fish, two more dolphins. Her multiple "not done" comments frustrated me, but I'm glad because it's much more beautiful now. I'm very blessed to have her constructive criticism.

Mom says: this big collage was tedious, so every time Leslie announced she was done I knew she was just tired of working on it. I refused to frame it until we both agreed it was finished.