Noah's Day Off

Medium:     acrylic   

Year:     2010(age 17)   

Size:     8"x10"   

Thoughts:   Leslie Elaine says: I started a picture of Noah's ark, but I didn't like it. The giraffes were bright yellow and looked fake. My friend Jess was over and she said not to paint over the canvas; she encouraged me to finish it. I accepted that and agreed it could be good if I could fix the giraffes. So I painted over the giraffes and redid them, then made the elephants, tigers, peacocks, pandas, birds, gibbon monkeys, sharks (2 of course) and a dove coming back with an olive branch. Lastly I painted Noah in an inner tube holding a beer - he would have needed it! Even though they didn't have Guinness in Bible times, there is a Bible story where Noah had wine and got drunk... so it's almost Biblical, ha ha. My younger brother Evan's response to this painting cracked me up; he said, "It's good, but...." "But what?" (me) He pointed to the gibbon monkeys. "Those are the worst cats I've ever seen!" "That's because they're MONKEYS Evan!!!"