Kayaker's Delight

Year:     2012(age 19)   

Size:     11"x14"   

Availability:     original sold    print option   

Thoughts:   Mom says: this collage more than any other helped me understand that Leslie often has no idea what her finished piece will look like.  I always need a plan; Leslie does not. Her pieces often evolve over a period of years; often the inspiration comes at the end. For this one, she filled a cardboard with spiky magazine pieces and asked me and Hans what is looked like to us. We insisted the warm colors towards the bottom looked like water reflecting a sunset. Leslie had not been thinking water. She liked how we saw it, so she added tall green reeds, waterlilies and the sun. I forget when she added the tree. Then it sat and sat and sat. It needed a focus. I couldn't think of anything. Then one day, VOILA! Leslie put on the blue heron. I love how it is low to the grass, just taking off in flight, as if surprised by a kayak or dog or other noise.