Holy Spirit

Medium:     acrylic    mirror   

Year:     2012(age 19)   

Size:     3ft.x4ft.   

Availability:     card option    original retained by artist   

Thoughts:   Leslie Elaine says: I started this forever ago with my Aunt Allison in North Carolina. See the drips in the bottom left corner? That's wall paint! Allison collects leftover wall paint, and she let me use some on an extra canvas. It was great fun because I didn't care because the paint was trash-picked and the canvas was old and warped. I had no idea it would become my masterpiece! It fit in our minivan so I brought it home and it sat in my room several years. In the summer of 2010 I started the woman's face and fiery hair. Her dress and arms followed. I made the dove in about 45 minutes. When I found a broken mirror in a neighbor's trashcan, I took it home, chiseled smaller pieces, and glued on the lightening. The water flowing from her hands was the last touch.