Festively Fresh

Art:     comments    featured    food    fruit    natural    vegetables   

Medium:     watercolor   

Year:     2012(age 19)   

Size:     16"x20"   

Availability:     original available   

Thoughts:   Leslie Elaine says: for Christmas my Oma gave me watercolor lessons with her friend Ardith. This was my first "real" watercolor, although it began as a learning piece. When I made the pears, Ardith showed me how different amounts of water change the effect. When I came home, I painted tomatoes and peppers, and to bring them all together I added splatters.

Mom says: like so many of Leslie Elaine's pieces, this one evolved. First it was just pears. Then pears and veggies. Then suddenly, the final touch of splatters pulled it all together! Overall it took about a year to finish.    $550